Web developer at Brand lounge - Dubai - Media city


Brand Lounge, is a regional Branding and Marketing Strategist firm based in UAE


Frontend and back-end development



Web developer – Freelancing

I have developed many websites using PHP/MySQL with some Ajax technology.



Programmer / Web developer, RUNNET ISP - Syria - Damascus


RUNNET is one of the biggest ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Syria, I have served as web developer for 3 years, which I improved my skills there.


  • Full life cycle of the web applications development.
  • Analyzing, designing, coding and debugging web applications using PHP & MySQL.
  • Testing and validating work produced as part of the development process.
  • Manage the development and training of the Content Management Systems.
  • Perform maintenance programming and correction of identified defects.
  • Integrate software with existing systems.
  • Monitoring website technical performance.
  • SMS services management.
  • Working with a multi-disciplinary team to convert business needs into technical specifications.
  • Working with designers, Front End and project management staff to capture requirements for the functional elements of website projects.
  • Integrating websites with social networks (Facebook – Twitter …)


  • ERP system which consists of:
    • Local management system.
    • ADSL customer management (Internal web application to manage ISP customers, reducing the paper work and automating the ADSL order process).
    • Reporting system.
    • Ticketing system.
    • Users and permissions management system (role and user level).
  • Websites
  • Web application to manage GSM modem and other web services.

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